Organizations all over the world today are realizing the importance of not spending too much time performing non-core business and administrative tasks. At the same time, delegating such tasks can be tricky, especially for businesses that are just starting off. Our virtual assistant services are ideal for businesses that need the expertise of a professional, ever-present assistant, but do not have the means of hiring one. Our VA’s are there every time you need them, and our services span a variety of verticals and include call answering services, accounting, and bookkeeping services, appointment scheduling, data entry services, internet research services, etc.

What can our Virtual Assistance help you with:

Hiring a virtual assistant from us can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and concentrate on core tasks. When you hire a virtual assistant, you get access to personnel with impressive work experience in providing administrative tasks like:

Data Entry
Event Planning
Internet Research
Business Card Scanning
Appointment Scheduling
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Call Answering
Correspondence Management
Desktop Publishing Services
Presentations / Spreadsheets Creation
Travel / Airline & Hotel Reservations

Affordable Price:

Hiring a virtual assistant not only helps you manage your daily business tasks with great ease but is surprisingly affordable and great value for your money. It works out to be far less expensive than hiring a full-time employee in your office.

We offer flexible plans to hire a virtual assistant, that are specially designed keeping in mind the most common requirements of the clients.

You can hire Virtual Assistants for $8 to $10 per hour depending on the task.

We offer customized rates based on the following factors:

  1. The nature of the tasks you want the assistant to perform
  2. No. of hours you require the assistant to work for you
  3. The skill and qualification levels of the assistant
  4. Professional experience of the assistant

Hire a virtual assistant delegate most of your routine business tasks and focus on core areas of your business.