In the current period of digitalization, there is an extraordinary change, everything has gotten virtual, beginning from online virtual gatherings both normal and expert to virtual occasions. Virtual meetings have increased a great deal of footing because of its favorable circumstances. One of the advantages of webinar services is that it allows the audience to attend the webinar from any part of the world without occupying a big physical space for gathering all the participants and moderators. This brings down the expense of travelling, venue and numerous different logistics enormously. The webinar is one of the ground-breaking virtual gathering innovation, that causes organizations to use. It offers virtual meeting solution to interface with individuals comprehensively or at various locations.

The physical events which you used to have to demonstrate the features of your product and services for lead generation purposes have been replaced with virtual events in the form of webinars. Physical events were constrained by budget and time, but with webinars the constraints have been swept away.

We, at Xfinity Solution will help you in taking care of all the hassles of organizing an event (albeit a virtual one) while you take care of your business. We will take care of the following:

  • Webinar theme and messaging
  • Designing invitation emails
  • Platform to send out all emails
  • Designing Reminder emails
  • The webinar platform itself (if you prefer)
  • Speaker bio
  • Database creation of your prospects (if required)
  • Prospect registration form
  • Tele verification of registrants
  • Management of registrants
  • Hosting the webinar
  • Acknowledgement emailers (Thank you and Missed you emails)